T50 - All-time Favorite

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Ergonomics. Balanced.
Seat Color
  • ERGONOMIC S-CURVE DESIGN : The T50 modern and sleek ergonomic design provides superior spine support that helps you keep a healthy sitting posture.


  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE : With all levers placed where your hands can easily reach, you can easily adjust all functions for your bottom, back, arms, and head. Simply put, the T50 customizes itself to your preferences.


  • EXCEPTIONAL BUILD QUALITY : Each component of the T50 model is made of solid material that provides high durability. Although a bit on the heavy side, we wanted to ensure a long lasting product.


  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE : The T50 forward tilt, a valued function from our users, allows you to adjust the seat slope. The numerous seat adjustment options and variety of movements are supported with our advanced multi-limited tilting mechanism. Set the ergonomic position to 5 different tilting angles allowing you to lean back to the slope degree you prefer.


  • 30-DAY TRIAL AND 3 YEAR WARRANTY : Sidiz offers a 30-day free trial and you may return the product if it does not meet your needs. All quality-related issues with the exception of normal wear and tear will have a 3 year warranty from date of purchase.

Equilibrium at last

Award-winning T50’s ergonomic design naturally aligns with your body,
providing maximum comfort.

Proper Support

T50’s seat cushion is made in layers, so that the PU foam and
memory foam can softly hug your body’s curves.


Sturdy and durable materials are used to provide promising
quality to our customers.


Your convenience is the key. Taking care of the smallest details,
all adjustments can be made easily.

Learn How to Adjust
Seat Height Adjustment (1/10)
Seat Depth Adjustment (2/10)
Seat Angle Adjustment (3/10)
Headrest Adjustment (4/10)
Armrest Height Adjustment (5/10)
Armrest Angle/Depth Adjustment (6/10)
Tilting Tension Adjustment (7/10)
Tilting Angle Adjustment (5-Step) (8/10)
Lumbar Height Adjustment (9/10)
Lumbar Depth Adjustment (10/10)

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